Data is the new oil. This is why big companies generate and handle billions and billions of data records, in order to gain a detailed understanding of the client’s needs. This invariably also reveals some challenges (e.g. performance or high availability) and drives to some needs (e.g. moving to the cloud).

The need to migrate,

Whether moving from on-premise to cloud; from cloud to cloud; or to multi-cloud, having a migration strategy is essential in order to respond efficiently to your business growth.

Automate the migration,

Automating the migration is part of the final goal of the DATA&BI Team. This enables the management and migration of data…

Using Google Cloud’s Identity-Aware Proxy allows you to connect to your VM without an external IP through HTTPS and TCP proxy instead of exposing your service to the internet or unprotected internal network. But how we can access VM and edit code remotely using external SSH tools like VSCode?

The ingredients

I assume that you have VSCode already installed, in order to enable the remote developing and editing using SSH, you need to install the remote-SSH extension, a great option if you want to bring your remote environment on your local machine.

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Installing the remote SSH extension

I’v created a simple VM without an external IP, this…

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